Situated at the top of the head, our Crown chakra also shifts to a crystal clear vibration.

Again, the message of this shift is clear: we can no longer be molly-coddled and treated like babies. Source is sending through higher vibrations. To constantly have these energies stepped down to a violet level is no longer acceptable. Time to STEP IT UP!

The parts of the body that are under the influence of the Crown chakra: the superior Sagittal sinus; Central nervous system; cerebral cortex. It would be beneficial to do regular light detoxes on the physical body to assist with clear(er) thinking and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. When the whole body feels healthy and strong, we are better able to deal with challenges that rise up to meet us.

Drink lots of clear water, preferably spring water. To enhance the effects of water, you can also apply these crystals: Natrolite; Scolecite; Herkimer diamond; charoite; lepidolite; Rutilated quartz.

Call on the consciousness of Jophiel as the Archangelic presence associated with the Crown chakra.

Are you connected to your own Divinity, or are you allowing yourself to feel as if it is something removed from your space? Where in your life do you experience serenity, joy and deep peace?