The first of the three main Transpersonal Chakras, the Causal is situated 8 to 10 cm above the head, and slightly behind the Crown. Transpersonal means above the person.

This is where you enter the Silence. This is another chakra that resonates pure white and is often referred to as the Personal Moon. It is associated with the Feminine aspects of our Being and helps you to stay calm and clear regardless of your current trials and tribulations.

There are no physical organs or glands associated with this chakra, because it does not reside inside the physical body. However, it is believed that the people in Atlantis had large craniums and this (and the following two Transpersonal Chakras) did actually reside in the physical body.

The Archangel Christiel is associated with this chakra, and you can apply the energies or qualities of Azestulite, Petalite, Phenacite or Natrolite to deepen your connection with the Causal Chakra.

What are your current perceptions, and which of those perceptions are serving you towards your growth? Are you constantly evolving and broadening your horizons?