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What do I offer?

At Indigo Spirit, I offer the following therapies and services. If you would like to book a session, you may contact me directly on the details at the bottom of this page.

Or, send me an email by clicking on the button below.

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Energy Healing

I am a qualified Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki Master. This means that I have been trained in both the traditional Usui Method of Reiki as well as extended my training to include Compassionate Healing, also known as Karuna Ki.

My practice runs from my home in Strand, Cape Town. However, you can be anywhere in the world to receive a healing session from me! Through special techniques acquired through my training, I am able to send the energy anywhere at any time.

Traditionally, Reiki is an alternative healing modality and have been used on cancer patients in hospitals and clinics. It has been reported to assist in alleviating pain and activates the body’s own natural healing system. During a session I will also guide you to deeper relaxation through mindfulness and breathing, to ensure a deeper experience.

I also work extensively with the chakras, both traditional as well as the 12 Ascension Chakras. Contact me directly if you would like to learn more.

Reiki Therapy
  • A traditional hands-on session (i.e. in person).
  • Great for pain management
  • De-stress and Heal
  • Balances complete energy system including chakras and aura
  • 1 Hour session includes short counselling and feedback
  • This is not a massage
Ascension Chakra Balancing
  • Three Healing Sessions (60 minutes per session) focussing on the 12 Ascension Chakras (includes reiki for the whole system)
  • A combination of advanced chakra balancing and reiki to activate your awareness to the 12 Ascension Chakras
  • Feedback & counselling
  • Information on 12 Chakras available after each session
Distant (Absent) Healing
  • The above therapies are available to anyone, anywhere.
  • Regular rates apply.
  • Feedback & counselling provided via whatsApp or Skype call.
  • Contact me for details.

Counselling and Support Services

I only advocate living your own story.
I am not an advocate for anything or any cause, other than that you live your own life, your way.

Through intuitive guidance and counselling, I help you to achieve exactly that: I lead you to your own answers.

Life is about options. Choices. Consequences.

I help you find your own answers for your Journey.


Sessions of up to an hour for dealing with grief, abuse and trauma.
I may offer very basic astro, colour and/or numerology profiling, to assist in clarifying certain issues you may have.

Tarot Counselling

A 1 or 2 hour session of counselling around a Tarot reading to find clues as to what the origin of a problem could be.
NOTE: This is NOT a fortune telling session, nor do I do any predictions, prophecies or ‘crossing over’.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind where brainwave patterns are slowed down to almost a sleep-like trance.

Through hypnosis & hypnotherapy I can help you achieve greater things. Check out the section “Hypnosis” in the main menu for more information. Or click on this block!

Meditation Groups

I facilitate group meditations. My focus is to help shift the conscioussness of everyone that is ready to move into a new paradigm.

Once a month, usually on the Full Moon, we either gather in physical or join on the Crystaline Grid through an online meditation. So far we have been able to keep the meditation free of charge and I hope to continue to do so.

Heart Connect Group

Join from anywhere on the planet!

Details will be made available on our Facebook Group. The event will be broadcast LIVE on the group’s main page.

All are welcome to join in – hope to meet you on the grid SOON!

Heart Connect on WhatsApp

Helderberg and Boland Residents only!

If you are in the Helderberg area, send me a whatsApp message. I will add you to the (strictly moderated) group to inform you of any meditations out in nature!

Simply click on this block and a new mail message will open. Send me your name, contact number and “Heart Connect WA Group” in the subject line!

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