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What do I offer?

At Indigo Spirit, I offer the following therapies and services. If you would like to book a session, you may contact me directly on the details at the bottom of this page.

Or, send me an email by clicking on the button below.

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Healing Therapies

Energy Healing (Reiki)

Energy Healing is a combination of the following modalities, integrated to give you the best experience:

Feeling a little more daring? Why not try Naked Reiki?

R450 (1 Hour; includes consultation)

Karuna Ki Reiki
Ascension Chakra Balancing

Humanity is waking up to its own Divinity. We have become aware that we are not just a body.

Connect with your Ascension chakras and fast-track your own Ascension process!

  • Three healing sessions scheduled 7 days apart focussing on the 12 Ascension Chakras
  • A combination of advanced chakra balancing and reiki to activate your awareness to the 12 Ascension Chakras
  • Feedback & counselling
  • Information on 12 Chakras available after each session

3 x 1 Hr sessions total R999

Counselling Services

Metaphysical Counselling
Metaphysical Counselling

Combining traditional counselling with the following divination methods:

Great for when you are pursuing a new career, buying a new house, experiencing challenges in a relationship or need to make a business decision.

I also provide specialised support to the LGBTQIA+ community!

R450 (1 Hour)

The "Feel Better" Project

The “Feel Better” project is designed to help lift you up from where you are. Following this program will help you move towards your goals of feeling better.

Five one-hour long counselling sessions. Each session will take place a minimum of 7 days apart. I will guide you to find your own bliss through counselling, homework assignments and practical exercises.

5 x 1 Hr sessions total R1 269

Cord Cutting Rituals

We connect with people, situations and places and often the connection remains in the form of an etheric or psychic cord.

What better way to heal and to let go, than by cutting the etheric and psychic cords that hold us captive.

Sessions are held once a month, shortly after the full moon. Individual or group sessions available.

R450 per person (1 Hour; booking is imperative)

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