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The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

Dr. Seuss

Knowledge is power. When we empower ourselves we can make informed decisions about the things that matter to us.

As a teacher I present some of my own workshops in and around the Helderberg area. In these workshops I attempt to pass on the knowledge I have acquired about particular subjects: the Chakras, Faeries and Elementals, Sacred Geometry and I am particularly fond of helping people learn to meditate.

I am passionate about teaching! From an early age I have always seen myself as a teacher in the front of a classroom. As a child, my favourite game would be to play teacher in a class, handing out homework and marking tests.

Life did not work out quite the way I planned though, and I ended up as an I.T. Technician. But I never gave up on the dream!

My first workshop was a 3 day Meditation course. Eventually I condensed it into what is now known as Meditation Essentials. This is a one day workshop, designed to teach the basics of meditation to busy people.

Having qualified as a Reiki Master, I am also able to teach reiki to anyone who is keen to learn this beautiful, gentle modality. My courses take place in a home environment, and you can check out further details from the menu, or enroll by sending me a direct mail.

Most of my physical workshops take place on an ad hoc basis. Drop me a line if you are interested in attending a course.

I am also hard at work at bringing my courses and workshops to the online community. If you would like to stay updated, then you had best sign up for my newsletter.

Sacred Geometry Workshop in Gordon’s Bay

Reiki Courses

Are you starting out on your Reiki journey? Or perhaps you are ready to take the next step? Maybe you are ready to commit to living the Reiki Life?

Whatever your reason for stepping onto this path, Reiki is guaranteed to be a life changing experience. If you have ever received a healing, you will know what the benefits are, but sometimes that first or second session hits a curious spot that makes you want to know more.

My classes are small and intimate which allows for ample individual attention. You will receive ample opportunity to practice on either your classmates or volunteers patients.

Reiki Level 1

This is the start to your Reiki journey. The length of the course is typically three classes over as many weeks, depending on the students’ availability. The main focus of Reiki is to learn to heal yourself and your loved ones.

I will teach you how to recognise the energy, activate its flow and where to direct it.

Reiki Level 2

In this course you will learn to do absent, or distant healing. It is an opportunity to deepen your practice and students are encouraged to use their skills to send healing Light wherever it is requested.

As a bonus I have added the 12 Ascension Chakra workshop as part of this course! That way you will be able to connect to the Higher Chakras.

Reiki Master Training

The final step on your Reiki journey, is the commitment to mastering your own Life.

This course is run over 1 year, with one class per month. Click through to learn more about this incredible experience.

Learning to Meditate

Thanks to my daily meditative practice I soon came to realise where my real passion lies: Teaching! I would sit down on my meditation chair each morning and my mind’s eye would show me a crowd of people waiting for me to teach them how to meditate. The image kept coming, every every EVERY time! Until one day I noticed the image and played around with it. It was then that I realised that my Soul wanted to teach.

With this vision, I created my very first Meditation Workshop. It was a very lengthy and drawn out 3 day course, more than anything else. When it didn’t attract as many attendees as I thought it would, I re-worked it into something that was a little more accessible: Meditation Essentials. So much have been said about the benefits of meditation, like this article on Huffington Post.

From time to time I will run Meditation Essentials from my home, so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list. You can book with me personally as soon as I have set a date for the next workshop.

Meditation Coaching - My Story

Read how I came to learn to meditate, and how that lead me to teach meditation. You will soon see that you might possibly be able to do it, too!

Meditation Essentials

We all know how to meditate. We just need to be reminded of the details.

This online course will teach you the basics of Mindfulness. Classes can be taken at your leisure, and consists of video as well as MP3 recordings to guide you through the exercises.

Heart Connect

Group Meditations are an awesome way to interact and connect, while we learn from each other. When we open our hearts and live from a position of Love, we understand each other. These group events focus higher vibrations for our Planet.

Nico is an amazing teacher.
I attended his Meditation course and was impressed by his depth of knowledge and sincerity.
As a metaphysical teacher and healer I would highly recommend Nico.

Diana Smith

Energy Healer & Teacher, Psychic Channel, Hidden Mind

I have been to a few or your courses and they have inspired me so much. Loved every second. You always pay a lot of detail to the course you provided, the notes and practicals I have done in your class are presented excellent by you.

I also have purchased a few of your products, soap etc and that is also awesome.

Really miss you not being in Gordon’s Bay.

Sharon Ramsay

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