The colour tinted lenses of Indigo are now lifted. The Third Eye shifts its resonance to crystal clear so that we may perceive reality for what it truly is.

Our Ajna (or Third Eye Chakra) is our link between the mind and the outer world: what we see with our physical eyes, is processed by the mind (not the brain!) through the Third Eye and it is for this reason that our belief systems need to be constantly checked, evaluated and validated. Beliefs that do not serve us – those beliefs that hold us back from our own greatness – need to be assessed. Where did they come from and are they still valid? They were most likely formed during a time when we needed to protect ourselves from outer influences, but now we have outgrown them.

The Third Eye can also help us with Divine intuition, wisdom, inner dreams and insight.

Applying the energies of the mineral kingdom, it is suggested that we consider the qualities of clear quartz, Iceland Spar, Indigo as well as Black Kyanite.

Archangel Raphael takes care of this chakra.

What do you believe about your current situation? How can you look at your situation from a different perspective?