The amazing Soul Star chakra is also known as The Seat of the Soul. It is situated around 15 cm above the top of the head and in line with the Causal.

This chakra resonates at the Magenta level – an incredibly powerful colour as it contains 2 parts red and one part blue.

Our Soul Star is said to work in two ways. In the lower section is held our ancestral karma and is transmuted by this chakra. Then, upon opening the chakra the Wisdom of your Soul is brought forth for you to access in your day-to-day life.

There are two Archangelic beings assigned to this chakra: Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel. To enhance the vibration of the Soul Star and help you to connect with it, you may apply Moldavite, Danburite, Scolecite or Natrolite.

Are you ready, willing and able to let go of old concepts of karma so that you can begin to live in a 5th Dimensional way?