Have you ever wondered if a past life regression would help you achieve greatness in your own life? Sometimes you may find yourself repeating specific scenarios over and over again. You’ve done all the inner work, forgiven and moved on, and yet: the same types of people come into your life and give you the same experiences.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you are carrying residual energies from another incarnation. Perhaps you made a vow or pact with another soul, which has carried over into this incarnation.

It is time to explore other incarnations, to look at the bigger picture.

What is a Hypnotic Past Life Regression

This is the traditional method of regression, as performed by Brian L. Weiss on many of his patients.

“Past life regression is a method that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations.” – Wikipedia

The subject is taken into a very deep trance, and by asking a series of questions the identity of the past life is revealed.

Some people are able to recall their past lives spontaneously. Others prefer to use a psychic or intuitive to “read” the information from the Akashic Records.

BUT! With the help of hypnosis you can experience your past lives for yourself!

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A hypnotic Past Life Regression session is a 2-hour-long session. It includes:

  • Pre-talk
  • Deep hypnosis exploring 2 significant lifetimes
  • Discussion and feedback

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