Confidence and Self-esteem

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Hypnosis can effectively be used to assist with issues with confidence and self-esteem. It is a natural state of the mind where brainwave patterns are slowed down to almost a sleep-like trance. Through the induction of a hypnotic trance into the beta-brainwave state, it is possible to modify behaviours and patterns. It is in this state that the subconscious mind becomes accessible.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self-esteem can be used to boost your confidence, and help you raise your self-esteem.

The effects of most motivational speeches or repeating mantras and affirmations, are temporary. They blow up your confidence for a short while, but by tomorrow you need to redo the whole exercise again. With hypnotherapy we go straight to subconscious and reprogram the base program from which we operate.

Self-esteem is defined as how you see yourself and feel about yourself. Naturally it affects our confidence, because if we do not feel worthy we will not have the necessary confidence to own up to a task.

You can read more about hypnosis and the benefits of hypnotherapy on this LINK.

This therapy consists of THREE hypnotherapy sessions of 1 hour each. Consultation, counselling and feedback included.

For best results, sessions need to be booked at least 7 days apart.

You will also receive a recording of each session to listen to in your own time.

To find out if Hypnotherapy is right for you, click HERE and send me an email.

For pricing details, check out this LINK.


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