I’m wearing a new look!

Its a look of stress. Do you like it?

I sure as shit don’t!

You are probably wondering why I haven’t posted this blog update earlier? Let me tell you a little story.

When I started my journey of online course creation, I had no idea where to turn to first. Udemy had an amazing marketing scheme, but their payment scheme leaves a lot to be desired (including finances!). Hosting my own online school on my domain was shit expensive to start off with, and I would have to bend over backwards in terms of marketing my courses. That, on top of administrating it all manually!

Then I came across Teachable.com and I thought all my dreams had come true. Although they did not have a mail integration, and although they did not have a built in marketing scheme or strategy, they at least promised an “affordable” space and supportive community.

Unfortunately, what I did not realise was that if you are going to be responsible for your own marketing, you won’t have time to participate in their community forums! Plus a few other snags, hitches and nuissances.

Fast forward nine months later.

A friend of mine introduced me to a Facebook community which, in turn introduced me to a brand new platform! They are every course creator’s dream (and then some!). An integrated mail AUTOMATION system, a marketing option, online community, and an option to host LIVE sessions. Plus, instead of charging students per course, they have membership options! BONUS!

So, right now, I am in the process of playing around on the site and slowly, but steadily, moving my courses over to this new course creating platform-thingie.

What does this mean? Well, if you are a current student who has signed up on my old site (Teachable.com) I will soon be moving you over. But it will take time, so “soon” means “in the next few months”. Please, please curb your excitement! There are a few issues that needs sorting before I complete the migration. One of these issues are finances (since, as you may know, I have resigned from my job and cashflow will be semi-stunted for a short while). But it is cast in stone and the change-over process is already in progress as we type-and-read.

I’m thanking you in advance for a) your patience, b) your support and c) an ear/eye to which I can either vent or rave about my experience.

Now I have to get back to painting the mantlepiece in our lounge to help me calm my fucking nerves! 😆