When I do an Energy Healing session for a client, I combine ALL my training. This includes Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki reiki, colour therapy, ESOCEN energy medicine and chakra balancing.

I am a qualified Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki Master. This means that I have been trained in both the traditional Usui Method of Reiki as well as extended my training to include Compassionate Healing, also known as Karuna Ki.

My practice runs from my home in Strand, Cape Town. However, you can be anywhere in the world to receive a healing session from me! Through special techniques acquired through my training, I am able to send the energy anywhere at any time.

Traditionally, Reiki is an alternative healing modality and has been used on cancer patients in hospitals and clinics. It has been reported to assist in alleviating pain and activates the body’s own natural healing system. During a session I will also guide you to deeper relaxation through mindfulness and breathing, to ensure a deeper experience.

I also work extensively with the chakras, both traditional as well as the 12 Ascension Chakras. You can learn more about these by following the link.

To make a booking now, send me an email on this LINK.

If you would like to know how much a session costs, please see the Rates and Pricing page.