Not to be confused with the Solar Plexus, the Navel Chakra actually sits directly at the navel. It is the chakra that governs our sociability, in other words how we connect with other people.

It resonates a very happy golden orange colour and when you think about this colour, it makes total sense! Orange is bright and cheery. It is fun and sociable and energetic. It comes as no suprise, then, that the Navel Chakra is also responsible for what is referred to as our “Personal Battery”.

The Navel Chakra relates to our self-value in relationships with others and the world around us.

Foods that are naturally orange in colour helps to balance and feed this chakra. So get some delicious kumquats, tangerines, carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, apricots and pumpkins to help you work with the Navel Chakra’s energies.

As with the Root and the Sacral, this chakra is in the care of Archangel Gabriel.

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How do you connect with the people you meet? How sociable are you, and how much of your personal energy gets leaked through your Navel battery?