This chakra’s vibration shifts to pure white when all the lessons from the 7 Chakra system is absorbed into the Heart Chakra.

Our capacity to experience and channel Divine Love comes through the experiences we had in the 3rd Dimension: knowing the truth about our reality in our Heart of Hearts.

The Heart Chakra is situated in the centre of the chest, and governs the Thymus gland and Vagus nerve. Breathing into the Heart affects the Vagus nerve and assists with healing inflammatory ailments in the physical body. At the same time it activates our compassionate nature and brings out our most loving, accepting qualities.

Flowers, particularly fragrant white flowers are especially good for working with the Love of the Heart Chakra. Essential oils such as jasmin, lavender, rose, rose geranium, neroli, ylang ylang, jasmine and even bergamot will help enhance the energies from the Heart.

The Archangel associated with the Heart is Archangel Chamuel.

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Did you know: our ability to accept and experience Love from others, is directly related to our level of Self-Love?