Retrogrades: A Time for Personal Growth

Apparently we are in the midst of a few planetary retrogrades. This is no time to blame the Universe for what goes wrong with your life!

It is an opportunity to do your inner work. If this puts you in some uncomfortable situations, ask yourself a few questions, like: What is this showing me? What am I hearing about myself, through this? How do I feel about this/me/my situation? How can I grow from this?

I recently experienced a very odd discomfort in the form of illness; I somehow did/did not contract a ‘flu which set over into a respiratory infection and brought on some constipation which ended up in diarrhea… *sigh*… It had me down for over a week! Despite it not being the worst I have ever felt, it has definitely been the longest period I was down with a so-called ‘flu and the fevers were intense!

Did I mention the Winter Solstice? Yip, the height of my fever was right on the Solstice.

I kept reminding myself that I needed to let go of the old shit, because that is what ‘flu does, doesn’t it? But the constipation was telling me that I was not doing that; I was clenching painfully, holding on to my old resentments and ANGER. By means of an induced letting go (I took some epsom salts! What a horrible way to let go!!), the release was constant but sporadic and lasted two days. But I got it out! And I also set out to change my mind about a few things.

All this is described in this article, which I discovered only after I started feeling slightly better:

I hope you are making it through this one in one piece. Remember, you can always book a session with me to chat away about the things that are holding you back. We can work together to find new perspectives and insights for you. Why not book a session, HERE?