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Author: Nico Redelinghuys
Nico has been a Reiki practitioner for more than 15 years, and teaches both Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki. In his spare time he loves to craft anything from fairies, fairy doors, beaded bracelets and more. He is also a great advocate of a clothes free world, promoting body positivity and self-love.

Learn the gentle healing art of Reiki

Are you starting out on your Reiki journey and looking for reiki courses? Or perhaps you are ready to take the next step? Maybe you are ready to commit to living the Reiki Life?

Whatever your reason for stepping onto this path, Reiki is guaranteed to be a life changing experience. If you have ever received a healing, you will know what the benefits are, but sometimes that first or second session hits a curious spot that makes you want to know more.

My classes are small and intimate which allows for ample individual attention. You will receive ample opportunity to practice on either your classmates or volunteer patients.

reiki beam

Reiki Level 1

This is the start to your Reiki journey. The length of the course is typically three classes over as many weeks, depending on the students’ availability. The main focus of Reiki is to learn to heal yourself and your loved ones.

I will teach you how to recognise the energy, activate its flow and where to direct it.

Hands of Light

Reiki Level 2

In this course you will learn to do absent, or distant healing. It is an opportunity to deepen your practice and students are encouraged to use their skills to send healing Light wherever it is requested.

As a bonus I have added the 12 Ascension Chakra workshop as part of this course! That way you will be able to connect to the Higher Chakras.

Hands of Light

Reiki Master training

The final step on your Reiki journey, is the commitment to mastering your own Life.

This course is run over 1 year, with one class per month. Click through to learn more about this incredible experience.

If you would like to enrol for any of these wonderful courses, send me an email on this LINK.

To find out more about the cost of each course, please see the Rates and Pricing page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make enquiries about payment options and early-bird discounts.

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