When nothing changes

Author: Nico Redelinghuys
Nico has been a Reiki practitioner for more than 15 years, and teaches both Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki. In his spare time he loves to craft anything from fairies, fairy doors, beaded bracelets and more. He is also a great advocate of a clothes free world, promoting body positivity and self-love.

I was going to waffle on about changes, changing your life, and shifting energy and… you know: sh*t like that. Lucky for you, I refuse to let myself fall into the same tedium as those mediums, psychics, gurus and charlatans that grace the internet with their channels full of messages of hope and deliverance. Let’s face it: they always have the same message(s)! It is either to let you know that the next astrological event is bringing in the “New” or letting go of the “Old”. And then the next solstice/equinox/solar flare/eclipse will herald a “New” or let go of the “Old”. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum!

Back in 2006 when I dedicated myself to the spiritual path, I began reading “What’s Up on Planet Earth”. A blog authored by Karen Bishop who lived somewhere in Arizona and would tell the world about the energies coming in. I was enthralled and was hanging on to every word she wrote.

Fast forward two years into the future, I came to the realisation that each new message was just a variation on the previous: the old, the new, the old, the new. New energies. Old stuff. Receiving new energies and blueprints. Letting go of old stuff. I became bored and frustrated. Soon I was ready to read something different. But they were all the same, always! Alien disclosure every single week. New energies coming in, bringing a new way of Being. Old energies are being let go. Old systems are being broken down, and aliens coming to show us a new way. New lifestyles are being explored as a result of angelic intervention, with the blueprint for a new earth. Eventually, I stopped reading any and all so-called channelled kak. It took too much of my time trying to read as many as possible, in the hope of finding something different. You know what Einstein said about insanity, right? I was pretty convinced that I was not insane. If there are two things I learned from that experience, it is this:

Nothing changes when nothing changes.
Things change when you change things.

What am I trying to say here?

When I am feeling stuck and nothing is moving in my life (and I get a sense of déjà vu typing this), I need to move. I’m the rudder to my own ship and to shake up the humdrum, I have to wiggle the rudder a bit. There is proof to that! I am not telling you this because I suddenly had an epic fanny from the Great Kahuna speaking through me. Oh no! I am serious when I say that I have learned this lesson in a very interesting way. I would love to share it all with you, but first: it’s personal. And also, there are too many details, and this blog will end up being a full chapter from some epic novel. But if you don’t believe me, try it! Go do something different. Not just a once-off! You have to keep doing it a few times. Ask yourself what it is you wish to accomplish, or where do you wish to end up. More friends? Or more money? Perhaps you would just like to leave the house a little more often. Then ask yourself what needs to change for you in order to do, be or have that. And change it yourself! And if you don’t – if you keep finding reasons (read: excuses) not to do it, like “I’ve tried that!” or “I don’t know anybody at that place” – then I am here to tell you that YOU are standing in your own way. Come and talk to me about it. I’ve been through it. I’m on the other side, waiting to show you how.

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