A Call to Normalise Nudity‚Äč

Since childhood I have been preoccupied with the ideas of nudity, clothes, why we HAVE to wear them and how much I would rather be naked.

Through the years I have discovered that I am not the only one who harbour those views. There are communities, families and groups who celebrate the human body in many different ways. One of which is social nudity. Another is naturism.

My frustration with society at the moment and the fact that I am not allowed to walk naked in my own yard, has lead me to seek out others who are of the same mind as me. I enjoy being naked at home, on the beach, by the pool; I love spending social time with friends who either share in the experience or, at the very least will allow me to drop my kit and socialise.

Unfortunately, I am also slightly socially awkward, which makes me a little self-conscious in introducing nudity at any social gathering.

But the time has come to begin to speak out. Public, social and family nudity is healthy! Kids who do not see what their bodies will become, develop inner crisis and reject their own bodies before it has fully developed, thus leading to a lifetime of dissociating from their bodies.

And I’m not even going to elaborate on the psychosis and perversions that are formed as a result of body shaming and being forced to hide our sexual organs!

This blog update is an invitation to join the party – literally and figuratively speaking.

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