Booking Policy & Confirmation Procedure

Information on how to book, booking fees (non-refundable deposit) and cancelling appointments

These are our operating hours

Bookings at Indigo Spirit Academy

The following booking policy is agreed to by clients who book and attend any of the services, workshops and therapies at Indigo Spirit Academy (referred to as ISA from here onward).


  1. Bookings can be made via telephone call, whatsapp or email. The contact details for bookings are in the page header.
  2. Please book all appointments in advance (minimum 24 hours), to check for availability.
  3. Once a booking has been made, clients will receive a booking confirmation via whatsapp or Telegram indicating the time, date and location of the booking.
  4. Clients who arrive late for bookings will need to rebook if they are late by 15 minutes or more.
  5. For telephonic consultations and distant healing, clients will be required to pay the FULL fee before the session.  All necessary payment details are contained in this document.  Once the payment is received, ISA will send a confirmation via email, WhatsApp or Telegram to confirm payment.  If payments are not received before the session commences, the booking will be automatically cancelled.


Booking Fee/Non-refundable Deposit

All healing and counselling sessions, courses and workshops with ISA, require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Why am I being asked for a booking fee (non-refundable deposit)?

Whether you make an appointment for a Reiki session, counselling or tarot reading, confirm your spot on a workshop or event, or attend a cord-cutting, the owner of Indigo Spirit Academy, Nico Redelinghuys strives to give you the best possible experience. Paying a deposit is necessary for a few reasons:

  • Nico would like to make sure that your seat is secure. Space is limited for every workshop, and therefore the rule of “first come, first served” is applied. This way you may rest assured that nobody can beat you to the workshop when you have already paid your deposit.
  • All bookings for services (i.e. counselling, hypnosis, reiki, tarot readings, etc.) are also secured by your deposit/booking fee. Since time is limited, the same rule as above is applied to ensure that you are not double-booked into the same time slot as another.
  • A deposit/booking fee is ultimately also a way of safeguarding the organiser(s) against last-minute cancellations and “no-shows”.  Time, cost of supplies, overheads such as venue hire, and so on, are all to be considered when somebody simply decides not to show up for an appointment for whatever reason.

To make your booking or secure your seat, payment of the deposit may be made as follows:

  • Workshops, courses and events: we need your payment before or on the R.S.V.P. date indicated.
  • Healing therapies: payment needs to be made before 2 pm on the day prior to your requested appointment.
  • Your reservation is confirmed as soon as payment/proof of payment has been received. POP may be sent via sms or email. Please see the contact details in the header of this document.


Please call Nico by 2 pm on the day prior to your appointment or the scheduled event.

To cancel a Monday appointment, please call Nico by 2 pm on the Friday prior to the appointment.

If prior notification is not given, you will forfeit your booking fee (deposit) of 50% for the missed appointment or event.

In the event of an event being cancelled, or the therapist being unable to honour the appointment, you will be notified well in advance (at least 24 hours) of the cancellation, or as per above. Your deposit will be returned as soon as Nico receives your banking details.


All payments may be made by any means of the following:

– Yoco (for debit and credit card transactions)
– Cash
– SnapScan

PLEASE NOTE: No cheques will be accepted.

You may pay the difference on the day of your appointment, as per above.


Banking Details

FNB Bank account details for Indigo Spirit Academy
Account Number: 62858622478
Account Type: Business Account
Branch Code: 250655

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