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Group Meditations are an awesome way to interact and connect, while learning from each other.

In 2023 I started a Men’s Nude Meditation group. I have been wanting to do this for more than a decade, but have always been concerned about my reputation.

Guess what!

F**k it!

When I die, my reputation dies with me.

This may not be your particular cup of tea.

And if it isn’t, I ask that you do not spit in my cup!

If this is something you would like to participate in, please contact me.

It will be a very respectful space, focussing more on the experience of being fully present in our bodies.

The group is open to anybody who identifies as male, and any orientation.

Maybe you already practice meditation in the nude, or maybe you have always wanted to try either meditation or nudism. Or BOTH!

Initially, events will take place from our little home in Strand in the Helderberg region and the invite is open to all men, all ages in the surrounding areas.

Nude Men's Meditation

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