The "Feel Better" Project

Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination

– Immanuel Kant

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Feel Better

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I will meet you there.

– Rumi

Mikao Usui

The “Feel Better” project is designed to help lift you up from where you are. Whether you are already feeling okay-ish, would like to get out of your comfort zone or start working your way through depression, following this program will help you move towards your goals of feeling better.

This is a package which consists of five one-hour long counselling sessions. Each session will take place a minimum of 7 days apart. I will guide you to find your own bliss through counselling, homework assignments and practical exercises.

How does it work?

In sessions 1 and 2, we start off by working towards identifying the initial sensitising event from your childhood. Each of us have a different history, and our parents and caregivers made unintentional blunders in our upbringing.

Up to the age of 7, we were being bombarded with input through which we form our beliefs that are carried with us into adulthood. These beliefs often cause difficulties in our lives and until we recognise the belief and how it was formed, we keep manifesting events, situations and people that affirm these beliefs. Some of those beliefs are what keeps us from flourishing and thriving. It is my job to help you identify them.

Sessions 3 through to five are spent finding your bliss. Once we have worked through the grungies of the past, we move into re-shaping the mind. You will note that we do not dwell on the past and the negative too much, since that has an adverse effect! Instead, I lead you to quickly start making changes and shifting gears and building on each process.

In each session you will receive some homework assignments. These are to be performed daily until the next session. Each assignment builds on the preceding session, and through your unconditional commitment to the process you will soon notice the change within you.

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