Monthly Cord Cutting Events

Cut the ties that bind
free yourself

How would you like to feel about your current relationship? What about your job needs improving?
Sometimes it is our inability to see something new, that ties us down to the old.

Waning Moon

What is Cord Cutting?

What better way to Heal and to let go, than by cutting the etheric and psychic cords that hold us captive! We connect with people, situations and places and often the connection remains in the form of an etheric or psychic cord. When the relationship is a toxic or debilitating one, we may often feel its effects long after the break up.

What is not serving you anymore?

Think about this:
Have you walked out from a relationship that is still dragging you down? You can’t seem to get that person out of your head, and you often hear their snide remarks whenever you are doing something random.

Perhaps that person was your boss (you have a relationship with your boss, and it is called a “working relationship”!) Or maybe it was a parent, a co-worker or just a really nasty friend.

The truth is: every person that we come into contact with, creates a psychic cord that connects us. Sometimes those cords linger longer than what we would like and it is because of these cords that leeches our energy and willpower.

Think about that.

My aim is to run these short 1 hour sessions on a monthly basis, after a full moon but before the next New Moon. We can tap in to the energy of the moon to help us Heal our own Lives.

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