Colour Therapy

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colour therapy

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour is all around us, and is often an indication of the resonance of an object; our eyes perceive particles or waves of a particular frequency which is registered as a particular colour by our brains. There is a psychology connected to every colour in the visible spectrum and when we understand this, we can utilise its vibration to balance our own energy systems.

It is believed that the healing benefits of colour have been known to civilisations as old as the Sumerians, and maybe even older! Texts dating back as far as 1550 BCE reveal that the ancient Egyptians used colour as a therapeutic tool on a routine basis, and had most likely developed the art to extremely high levels of efficacy.

Our organs vibrate at different frequencies. Stress, strain or emotional trauma will throw these frequencies out of sync, causing dis-ease and ill health.

Because colour is a part of light, it is also regarded as a source of energy. Each colour is coloured on a different frequency and each one matches the frequency of one or other of the organs.

According to colour therapy, when this happens it is possible to retune the organ(s) by absorbing into our bodies the energy of the organ’s corresponding colour.

Colour Profile Analysis: Tapping into the subconscious

Using a deck of 12 coloured cards, we can unravel your innermost thoughts and needs. Whether you are feeling unbalanced, have issues in your life that needs sorting or would like to understand yourself a little better, the Colour Insight Cards will help you obtain a greater understanding of yourself.

What are Solarised Waters?

These waters carry the essence of the colour with which they were charged. In much the same way that a crystal elixir or flower remedy may carry the essence of the object with which it was charged. But since there is no physical contact with the water, there is no danger of contaminants (heavy metals or poisons leeched into the water) entering the body.

Solarised Water is created by utilising the energy from the sun, filtered through transluscent painted jars into clear, filtered water. These are then blessed and enhanced with Karuna Ki symbols.

With each Colour Profile Analysis you will receive one or two solarised waters. These will help to bring the necessary balance to your system. They are safe to use orally and may be added to regular drinking water. Alternatively you may wish to add a few drops to your bathwater, or onto your washcloth or soap in the shower. In the case of injured muscles, the relevant colour may also be dropped onto the affected area to expediate healing.

solarised water

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