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Opening the twelve chakras is essential for the journey to ascension and enlightenment. In Golden Atlantis we had twelve chakras, carrying much higher light and wisdom than we currently have. When they are open the twelve strands of DNA start to be activated.
– Diana Cooper

12 Ascension Chakras

What are the Ascension Chakras?

Since the fall of Atlantis, humanity has only been working with the traditional 7 Chakra system. As more and more people are waking up to their Divinity, they begin to connect with the non-physical aspects of their existence which extends beyond the body.

It is now, in this time, that we are re-membering our chakras that are situated outside the physical bodies. I help people to not only connect to these chakras, but also to balance and LEARN about them.

At this current time we are aware of 12 plus 1 main chakras. These consist of sub- and transpersonal chakras, meaning that there are chakras below our feet as well as above our heads. Once our own consciousness shifts into the awareness of these energy centres, ALL of their vibrations shift; you could say that our own energy receives a step up in vibration.

I invite you, then, to experience and connect to your OWN Divine Spark by connecting to and actively working with your Ascension Chakras.

I would like to thank Nico for my 12 Chakras balancing sessions. They were beautiful; the feedback was sometimes surprising but always positive with recommendations from Nico as to how to keep them balanced. He also provides you with your chakra tones – specifically channeled for you – which I absolutely love. I use mine when I meditate. I can heartily recommend this therapy. Spoil yourself and book your sessions now!

Jane Elliott

Owner, Fit For A God[ess]

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