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Here you can book anything and everything. Get some Reiki, learn to meditate or allow yourself a heart-to-heart counselling session.

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Beautiful messages coming across, and Nico is very informative, kind and is able to explain things to people in a way that is very easy to understand.

Nicole Brandt

Owner/Creator, Indie Strings

Nico is a complete natural. He is empathetic and caring making his clients feel at ease and giving them the confidence that he has their best interest at heart. I worked alongside Nico for many years and have the highest respect for this incredible and talented man. From healing, meditations and vast knowledge of crystals, aromatherapy oils (wide range of fantastic skin care products) just to name a few. You can rest assured you are in good very capable hands.

Diane Jennifer Vera Taylor

Teacher and Healer, Diane Taylor Reiki and Crystal Healing

I would like to thank Nico for my 12 Chakras balancing sessions. They were beautiful; the feedback was sometimes surprising but always positive with recommendations from Nico as to how to keep them balanced. He also provides you with your chakra tones – specifically channeled for you – which I absolutely love. I use mine when I meditate. I can heartily recommend this therapy. Spoil yourself and book your sessions now!

Jane Elliott

Owner, Fit For A God[ess]

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