Ascension Chakra Balancing


A combination of advanced chakra balancing and reiki to help you extend your awareness to the 12 Ascension Chakras

Ascension Chakra Balancing and Reiki

With the expansion of our consciousness, we as Human Beings are beginning to work with the subtle energies that are located outside our bodies. We have shifted from 4th Dimensional beings, working with the unseen energies that was located within our physical systems to become Spiritually conscious.

We have now evolved to the level where we can recognise the energies outside our physical bodies. Through these energy centres we are reaching out into the Cosmos and connecting ourselves again to All That Is!

This combination of advanced chakra balancing and reiki will help you extend your awareness to the 12 Ascension Chakras. You will receive the following when you book for this offer:

  1. Three Healing Sessions (60 minutes per session) focussing on the 12 Ascension Chakras (includes reiki for the whole system);
  2. Each session will progress through the following:
    • Session 1 - balancing & energising the 8 main physical chakras;
    • Session 2 - balancing & energising the Earth Star chakra plus Kundalini flow;
    • Session 3 - balancing & energising the Transpersonal chakras and integration of the full system.
  3. An infographic (PDF and PNG available) with basic information about all 12 Chakras;
  4. Feedback and counselling where necessary.

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Service, Energy Healing

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3 x 1 hour sessions


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