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The Story about my Journey

Nico has so much wisdom to share and his meditation sessions are AMAZING!!!

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Nico Redelinghuys
Nico Redelinghuys

I taught myself to meditate many years ago. In the late 1990’s internet access was hard to come by and I remember my excitement when it was “installed” on one of my colleagues’ computers. Sadly, I was not granted access until I eventually joined the IT Crowd. But even then it was still rather difficult to find any uncomplicated texts about the subject of meditation.

Our local book shops had very little on the subject. I managed to find one or two titles on one of South Africa’s first eCommerce websites, but these were equally unsatisfying. They held no clear instruction; just endless prayers and verses focusing on Buddha, Brahma and who knows who else!

Eventually I did it. I listened to many guided CD meditations, managed to download one or two free samples. By and by I formed my own perception of meditation. This perception kept changing the more I learnt. And eventually I sat myself down and started meditating daily.

That was around the year 2006!

I realised that if I wanted to progress with my practice, I had to be persistent and consistent. So I started my day half an hour earlier, Monday to Monday, despite having to commute between two cities which necessitated that I wake up at 5 every morning. This thing called meditation was going to become a part of my life.

Mindfulness and I

Eventually I ended up practicing what is known as Mindfulness, but not after many trials and test runs. Because it is as easy as breathing, it can easily be taught to anyone, anywhere!

Thanks to this daily meditative practice I also came to realise where my real passion lies: Teaching! I would sit down on my meditation chair each morning and my mind’s eye would show me a crowd of people waiting for me to teach them how to meditate. The image kept coming, every every EVERY time! Until one day I noticed the image and played around with it. It was then that I realised that my Soul wanted to teach.

With this vision, I created my very first Meditation Workshop. It was a very lengthy and drawn out 3 day course, more than anything else. When it didn’t attract as many attendees as I thought it would, I re-worked it into something that was a little more accessible: Meditation Essentials. So much has been said about the benefits of meditation, like this article on Huffington Post.

Soon I discovered another facet of this process: facilitating guided meditations! My Heart Connect Group Meditations are a blast, and I have even recorded a version for personal use either by individuals or in large groups (as it was intended!). You can get your copy in the online store.

From time to time I will run Meditation Essentials from my home, so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list. You can book with me personally as soon as I have set a date for the next workshop.

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