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Group Meditation

Group Meditations are an awesome way to interact and connect, while learning from each other.

A call has gone out for regular group meditations. Our group convenes once a month. To co-ordinate each event, we have a WhatsApp group as well as a Facebook Group through which we communicate each upcoming event. Anyone in the Helderberg is welcome to join.

We live in exciting times. Our personal judgements classify the events around us either as good or bad. When we open our hearts and live from a position of Love and not Fear, we begin to understand each other. We begin to see that the differences are only based on cultural background and social conditioning. Looking past these, we are all the same! We want the same things, we NEED the same things. And in recognising that, we allow ourselves to give freely and live harmoniously.

I started facilitating group meditations as a way to anchor higher and higher frequencies on our planet. We are all familiar with the notion that group meditative efforts affect the direct geographical location where the meditations are taking place. In Washington DC, a study was conducted to prove this particular point by letting groups of Transcendental Meditators meditate continuously for four weeks. The results speak for themselves. You can read more about the experiment over at the World Peace Group’s website.

When Nico and his partner relocated to Somerset West in 2014, he decided to find a venue, and continue with the meditations. Meditations are part channelled information, part conscious intention. Over the following few years the meditations evolved, changed, flowed and even started forming a group support structure. People who came to meditate found a way to heal their own lives through not only the meditations, but also through the group support that started to flow from each of its members.

Anybody can do the meditation, and the original format is now available from the store as a MP3 download.

These meditations are free of charge, but you are welcome to make a donation if and when you can.

Should you or anybody you know, be interested in these meditations, kindly contact me. With your permission you will be added to the strictly moderated WhatsApp group and Facebook Group page.

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