Reiki Master and Teacher Training

Mastering Your Destiny

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Mikao Usui
Dr Mikao Usui

The Reiki Master and Teacher Training is a 12 months journey. This length of training time is necessary in order to give candidates for the Third Degree the opportunity for personal growth, the development of the Master personality, and the individual approach to the Reiki system.

As soon as a person has decided on training in the Third Degree and has been accepted by a Master as a student, a subtle but lasting stimulation of personal maturity though the Reiki force begins. For this spiritual influence to have the best effect for the student, much time and commitment is necessary on the part of the student and on the part of the teacher.

Based on experience, training on one day, on one weekend, or for one week is in no way suited for imparting even an appreciable part of the technical or spiritual contents of a solid Third Degree training.

Once you have completed both the 1st and 2nd degrees of your Reiki training, I invite you to enroll for this transformative journey.